Online War, What is it Good For?

In the American Revolution there were certain colonial citizens who thought breaking away from England was a crazy idea.  Similarly, I am sure some readers might think organizing and delivering PatriotCast is also a crazy idea.  After all it requires gathering large amounts of detailed information and displaying it daily over that eight year time period!  I suppose I should explain part of my reasoning for creating this project.  One way to explain this is to describe what my four different “market segments” are.  I will start from smallest to largest “market segments”:

Market Number 1: Myself.  I can be my own market segment right?  I am eager to see how the project works and I am extremely interested to see what it is like to follow the war in real time.  So yes, one reason I’m doing it is for me, but I have a feeling that I can find more people like me.

Market Number 2: History Buffs.  Whether you have a strong affection for the American Revolution or you’re just a general fan of history this should be a “cannot be missed” Twitter Feed.  It is going to be highly detailed and a brand new way to experience history.  The History Buff segment might not only love the tweets surrounding the exciting battles, but those in between.

Market Number 3:  Teachers and students.   I very much hope this project makes it way in to the American history classrooms across the county.  While any given student may not have enough attention span to follow the project for all eight years, I think it would be a great teaching tool for the major events.  Teachers could assign students to follow a few days, months or a whole history class worth of events.  They could even bring up the Twitter feed in the classroom.  Hey,  it could get their attention better then a textbook.

Market Number 4: The General Public.  I encourage anyone to join my Twitter feed obviously.  I see no reason not to.  You should learn about your countries’ history and all it takes is a click of the “follow” button.   You don’t have to keep up with every single update if you don’t want to, but every once in a while you might see an interesting tweet about the war that happened just miles away from you (for those east of the Mississippi River obviously).

I hope I did a good job explaining who I am doing this project for.  Now to answer the question “Am I crazy for doing it. ” No comment 🙂

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