Lexington and Concord Encore

I was getting requests to put up the Battle of Lexington and Concord again for those who didn’t have a chance to read it.  So below is the Battle of Lexington and Concord encore:
PatriotCastApr 19, 10:15pm via HootSuite

Many post riders have been riding for hours to inform other towns in New England of the fighting.

PatriotCastApr 19, 8:40pm via HootSuiteFighting has halted now that it is night. Militia have created camps and are intending to stay the night outside of Charlestown and Boston.

PatriotCastApr 19, 7:15pm via HootSuiteMost British troops are in a defensive position in Charlestown with protection from the British ship HMS Somerset.

PatriotCastApr 19, 6:10pm via HootSuiteBritish cannons can be heard from Boston as they approach Charlestown. Large groups of Militia are arriving from Salem and Marblehead.

PatriotCastApr 19, 4:55pm via HootSuiteWe have reports of many casualties from both sides as the British march through Menotomy.

PatriotCastApr 19, 3:40pm via HootSuiteMassachusetts Militia forces are on the move as well. They appear determined to continue to fight.

PatriotCastApr 19, 3:35pm via HootSuiteBritish combined forces have set off from Lexington back in the direction of Charlestown.

PatriotCastApr 19, 2:31pm via HootSuiteThe British column retreating from Concord has met up with reinforcements from Boston in Lexington. They have sustained many casualties.

PatriotCastApr 19, 1:15pm via HootSuiteMass. Militia are using “hit and run” tactics along the road between Concord and Lexington.

PatriotCastApr 19, 1:10pm via HootSuiteReports of scattered skirmishes are coming in from the road between Lexington and Concord. British casualties seem to be mounting.

PatriotCastApr 19, 12:05pm via HootSuiteThe British are now leaving Concord after destroying a few cannons and minimal amounts of powder.

PatriotCastApr 19, 10:16am via HootSuiteThe Mass. Militia appears to be staying at the North Bridge and not pursuing the retreating British.

PatriotCastApr 19, 10:10am via HootSuiteMass. Militia have advanced on the British troops at the North Bridge. They have injured dozens of British and pushed them back into town.

PatriotCastApr 19, 9:55am via HootSuiteBritish troops in Concord seem to be destroying supplies and possibly burning some structures in the town.

PatriotCastApr 19, 9:05am via HootSuiteBritish reinforcements have left Boston and are marching toward Lexington.

PatriotCastApr 19, 8:11am via HootSuiteThe Mass. Militia has collected on Punkatasset Hill across the North Bridge from Concord. British solders are keeping watch on the bridge.

PatriotCastApr 19, 7:35am via HootSuiteMass. Militia have retreated over the North Bridge and the British troops have entered Concord.

PatriotCastApr 19, 7:20am via HootSuiteThe British have been spotted within a mile of Concord.

PatriotCastApr 19, 5:15am via HootSuiteCaptain Parker of the Mass. Militia had his horse shot out from under him and a total of eighteen militia are wounded.

PatriotCastApr 19, 5:10am via HootSuiteThe British have continued marching on the road headed for Concord.

PatriotCastApr 19, 5:01am via HootSuiteAfter a single unknown shot, the British line fired upon the Militia. The Militia fired one shot and scattered. Militia appears to be hit.

PatriotCastApr 19, 4:55am via HootSuiteMajor Pitcairn has advanced to the Lexington Green and has ordered the militia to disarm.

PatriotCastApr 19, 1:40am via HootSuiteReports indicate P.Revere has been released from the British patrol men and has walked back to Lexington without his horse.

PatriotCastApr 19, 1:40am via HootSuiteThe British have sent a dispatch rider back to Boston to request reinforcements.

PatriotCastApr 19, 1:35am via HootSuiteThe British column has marched within half a mile of the town of Lexington. A small Mass. militia has collected on the Lexington Green.

PatriotCastApr 18, 10:05pm via HootSuiteBritish troops numbering in the hundreds have started marching from Charlestown in the direction of Lexington.

PatriotCastApr 18, 10:00pm via HootSuiteDawes and Prescott have escaped from the British patrol and are continuing on to Concord. Revere is still in British custody.

PatriotCastApr 18, 9:55pm via HootSuiteP. Revere, W. Dawes has been joined by rider Dr. Samuel Prescott and all three have been caught by British patrols.

PatriotCastApr 18, 9:20pm via HootSuitePaul Revere and William Dawes have met in Lexington and are riding out together to warn militia in Concord.

PatriotCastApr 18, 9:05pm via HootSuitePaul Revere has reached Lexington and has informed John Hancock and Sam Adams of the British movements.

PatriotCastApr 18, 8:25pm via HootSuiteThe first of the British troops have crossed the Charles and are amassing at Phip’s Farm.

PatriotCastApr 18, 7:50pm via HootSuitePaul Revere has crossed the Charles River by rowboat without detection. He will also ride north to warn of the British march.

PatriotCastApr 18, 6:35pm via HootSuiteDispatch rider William Dawes has left Boston by a southern route over the Boston neck. He plans to warn of the impending British march.

PatriotCastApr 18, 6:30pm via HootSuiteTwo lanterns have been placed in the steeple of Christ Church. Hundreds of British solders are assembling on the edge of the Charles River.

PatriotCastApr 18, 6:05pm via HootSuiteA large amount of British solders are gathering in Boston.

PatriotCastApr 18, 2:40pm via HootSuiteOne lantern will signal the British are marching by land over the Boston Neck. Two will indicate they are rowing across the Charles River.

PatriotCastApr 18, 2:35pm via HootSuiteCharlestown, MA residents should be made aware that a signal from the Christ Church will alert locals to British movements.

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