PatriotCast Welcomes 1776

PatriotCast has had a wonderful first year, including exciting skirmishes around Boston, in the south and at sea along the American coast line.  We have followed an amazing political movement as a rebellious congress orchestrates an illegal war while deciding the fate of thirteen separate colonies. Finally, we have followed in live time, two of the most amazingly intricate and  influential battles in American history, Lexington and Concord and the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The end of 1775 was rather light on content and I must apologize for not updating as well as I could have.  I have had trouble with my twitter phone application and recently started a new job which demanded much of my time in December.  I do plan on updating PatriotCast in 2011 (1776) with as much vigor as the first few months of 2010 (1775).

On another programing note, the Battle of Quebec with happen in real-time, however it will be 24 hours later than it occurred in the timeline.  The highlights of the battle take place in the early morning of Dec. 31st but you can read about them when you wake up (whenever that may be) on New Years Day.  The timeline will follow its normal daily course from that day forward.

I hope everyone enjoys the new year (both 2011 and 1776).  Highlights will include Washington’s success in Boston, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the gigantic battle of New York, and at about this time next year Washington’s crossing of the Delaware. I also  plan on rolling out a few more features and other twitter accounts to enhance the experience. Stay tuned.


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