New Twitter = New PatriotCast

Most of you have heard that Twitter is rolling out a brand new layout for their site.  (If you have not check it out)  The highlight of this reboot is adding a second panel of embedded media. Now if anyone posts a picture or video you no longer have to open another browser window to view that content.  The content will be embedded on  Twitter in the second panel.   It should create a more seamless and simpler environment for users.

Ironically, Twitter made this adjustment just as I was beginning to add a new feature to PatriotCast.  In order to enrich the PatriotCast experience I have begun to add links to Google maps.  These maps represent the geographic area that the action in the posts is occurring.  Twitter’s new layout will now allow you to view the maps while also reading the PatriotCast timeline.

Many equate following PatriotCast to following a colonial newscast.  This new Twitter feature should make PatriotCast feel even more like a news feed from 1775 by providing as much data on the events as possible.

So far Twitter has only announced the new layout and has yet to start it for everyone.  When they do, I would encourage feedback about the new layout and how it works with PatriotCast.  Let me know.


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