Twitter Reenactment Directory

I hope everyone has enjoyed following PatriotCast so far. It has been a year since I signed up for my personal Twitter account and eight months since I registered the PatriotCast account. In that time I have noticed many other historical Twitter accounts and some that even reenact historical events in real-time. I am glad to see so many others are “retweeting” history. I created a directory of these other historical twitter accounts.  Let me know if I am missing any and I can update the list.

@JQAdams_MHS This account run by the Massachusetts Historical Society.  They take actual one-line diary entries from John Quincy Adams and tweet them every morning.  Incredibly fascinating that we get to read the actual words of our sixth President.

@MonticelloTJ Does the same line a day diary method as @JQAdams_MHS but for Thomas Jefferson.  The fine folks at Monticello run it.  The guy really liked to talk about the weather.

@PaulRevere1734 This twitter feed is run by the Paul Revere’s House organization.  It has “Revere” updating about what happened in his life on particular days.  It does not follow a particular timeline, but during the Battle of Bunker Hill on PatriotCast he made a first hand mention of the battle down to the correct minute.  It was very cool to read.

@Wendell_Howe Wendell Howe is a great spin on a twitter timeline project.  Wendell is a fictional character (I think) that travels though time.  One day he is in the 25th century and the next he is in 19th century India.

@Twhistory Twhistory is an organization dedicated to teaching history online.  They act as a clearinghouse and an organizational tool for making your own timeline.  They promote using twitter and online resources as a teaching tool by either following or creating a historical timeline.  Many of their events revolve around multiple characters “tweeting” updates from a historically significant moment.

@SecretDelegate SecretDelegate is a mysterious Constitutional Congress Delegate who updates from the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.  This account is run by the Constitutional Center in Philadelphia.  It is very well done and they have a very impressive picture.  Can you guess who it is?

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