What are Patriots saying?

PatriotCast has been active for a little over a month now and the Twitterverse reviews have had some good things to say. I have provided a few of them below. Please feel free to contribute your thoughts also!

Please visit the new PatriotCast Facebook page for updates, discusion, and pictures.

WCSH6 says

“If’n you want to geek out for Patriot’s Day, follow @PatriotCast They’re “live tweeting” the battles of Lex and Con #shotheardroundtheworld

Carolcdt says

“If you like US history, I encourage you to follow the historically accurate reenactment tweets from @PatriotCast

RDadmaine says

“@sarahdelage When I see a tweet by @patriotcast, I want to say, “film at 11″. :-)”

WhereTraveler says

“@PatriotCast is CNN of Colonial era & tweets daily play by play of Am Revolution. Begins Apr 1, the day the war began. Tune in! ^LH #Boston

sonicbrewtality says

“If your into american history check out @PatriotCast and @PatriotCast2! pretty cool twitter pages!!!

twinmom3 says

“@PatriotCast just sent your information to my boys’s teachers. am hoping that they can access twitter from school & read it daily 2 the kids”

wmchamberlain says

“History teachers, are you following @PatriotCast ? You should!”

peterfrancisco says

“@PatriotCast <– Like a virtual day-by-day calendar of the American Revolution! Great project!"

TimClarkeJr says

“Awesome tweetstream from @PatriotCast gripping blow-by-blow from early days of the Revolutionary War. #mustfollow #historyonetweetatatime

WilliamHogeland says

“@PatriotCast This is getting seriously exciting. Great idea. Hard to RT tweet in progress, but: #history! #drama! #America! #liberty!”

jkcorfy says

“Historical #FollowFriday Keep up with the latest developments of the American Revolution 235 years after the fact @PatriotCast

AmericanHistFF says

“@patriotcast Love your tweets!”

mumus4Jesus says

“@livefr0mnewy0rk That is THE coolest thing ever and so completely nerdy. I love it!”

unfatmatt says

“@PatriotCast Thanks for yesterday’s tweets of the famous battle.”

rmbwebs says

“Wow, this is pretty cool. Check out @patriotcast, broadcasting 8 years of the American revolution on a 235-year time shift”

TotalBeverage says

“American Revolution began on this date in 1775. Check @PatriotCast for a day-by-day online reenactment of events. Very cool! #imageek

JenArch says

“loving @PatriotCast today. I’m such an Early American history junkie.”

WilliamHogeland says

“But to get in better mood about today in #history, check out @PatriotCast. Cool idea–and today would be a good day to get into it.”

RDadmaine says

“@PatriotCast I think I’m going to like this because I really enjoyed “Rise to Rebellion” & “The Glorious Cause” by Jeff Shaara.”

sarahdelage says

“On this Patriots Day, check out @PatriotCast, real time tweets reenacting the American Revolution”

jillelswick says

“Follow —> @PatriotCast, an eight-year, day-by-day account of the American Revolution IN TWEETS!”

meverha1 says

“OK. @PatriotCast is really cool. Everyone should follow them. http://bit.ly/chEBB3

emmiellifluous says

“If you’re into American #History, #follow @PatriotCast They’re tweeting the day to day events of the #AmericanRevolution. I love it!”

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