Allow me to introduce my newest Twitter persona.  I have cleverly named it PatriotCast2.  The reason for creating the second Twitter account is to allow PatriotCast to be focused only on the historical updates.  The second account (PatriotCast2) will be an account where I can continue to interact with any followers.  I can answer questions, have discussions, and re-tweet additional American Revolution information.  So if you are a fan of PatriotCast please sign up and follow PatriotCast2.

Remember the project starts in 10 days!

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Visual Authenticity

Twitter has some great personalization features and I plan on using them to help tell my story.  If you are reading this entry before April 1st then you can see in the background  a colonial map of the town of Boston and the profile picture is a “Don’t tread on me” flag.  I plan on changing both the background and the profile picture during this project to reflect the location of the main action and the flag being flown by the American side.  I hope it adds that extra touch and makes the project more visual and interesting for readers

Don’t forget!  Project Starts April 1st.

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